Watercolour Painting

Watercolour painting is an art that dates way back to various colouring techniques to create a large variety of artworks. It has evolved to become highly popular as a great form of relaxation and a bonding activity. Learn the the techniques of watercolour painting and surprise yourself with what you can achieve with this, including painting of florals, botanicals, landscapes, night sky and even food painting.

Benefits of Painting

Fosters Creative Growth

Strengthens Memory

Builds Problem-Solving and Motor Skills

Offers Stress Relief

Promotes an Optimistic Attitude

Nurtures Emotional Growth

Come join us for some fun with your friends and loved ones and develop new skillsets together!


Enjoyed the class thoroughly and so glad that I can now paint night sky with zero art background. Lilian is a great teacher and love the ambience of the studio. – Jessie Chui

Nice, cosy studio. Instructors were approachable and helpful. They also gave lots of useful tips for the workshop. – Casey T.


All materials provided

Templates, Pencil, Watercolour Paints & Brushes, Premium Watercolour Textured Hard Card


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Floral Watercolour Painting

Night Sky Watercolour Painting