Team Bonding

Science and research has increasingly discovered the huge benefits of gratitude at the workplace.

Companies or organizations that apply such practices experience these over time:

Lower turnover

Higher employee engagement & happiness

Reduced impatience

Improved team relationships

A more “human” workplace culture

Boosts brain functions & productivity

Team Bonding Workshops

The workshops aim to encourage the practice of gratitude through written expression and hand-creating personalized items for others.

Craft has always been known as being therapeutic, relieves stress, encourage creative thinking, increases tolerance and love, just to name a few. Therefore, when practiced together with feelings of gratitude, will be able to help busy executives and professionals find balance while bonding with peers.

When practised often enough, it creates a happier and fulfilling work culture, which helps individuals feel and connect better with others. This in the long term can have huge impact on the productivity, team work and overall happiness for the company.

We would love to work on collaborations and partnerships with companies & organizations to improve the workplace culture through the power of personalized crafting. If you have any questions, please drop us a message below and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.


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