Script Lettering

Technology has become such a big part of our lives that it is almost impossible to get anything done without the help of a computer or a mobile device. This has made writing by hand a largely unnecessary act to partake in, seeing as you can just type everything out!

According to plenty of different studies, there are brain-friendly benefits of writing by hand that you can’t get from typing.

Benefits of Writing

Increases Learning Comprehension

Fully Engages & Stimulates Your Brain

Calms The Body And Nerves

Slows Down Mental Aging

Unleashes Creativity

Eases Stress-related Issues (Anxiety, Depression)

Enhances Focus

Combats Dyslexia


Join us for a session of exploration with basic Script Lettering & watercolouring! Learn the modernized methods and tools to achieve the goold old traditional calligraphy and how you can easily use them for your greeting cards, gifting ideas or special occasions!

We guide you how that’s done, and you go pay forward the love and appreciation for people who matter to you.

Within 3 short hours, I learnt new techniques of writing, simple calligraphy and managed to complete a simple art piece! The process of learning & creation was both therapeutic & relaxing to me. – Joy

Attended the class & found it to be very interesting. Lilin articulated on the basics well & was very attentive to novice like me. – Shuyu

Attended the workshop & absolutely loved it. Lilin is extremely knowledgeable, patient & flexible, making the session an enjoyable yet productive one. I signed up for this together with a group of friends as a weekend activity & think this would be a perfect team-bonding/friendship-building exercise. Also great for those looking to pick up a new skill & hobby. Thanks Dorjeh & Lilin for such a fun time! – Huifang


All materials provided

Practice Sheets & Templates, Brush Pen & Pencil, Paint & Brushes, Textured Hard Card


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