About Us


Dorjeh, which means “Thank You” in Cantonese, is a homegrown brand in Singapore since 2016.

We are home to the world of Personalized Gifting and Craft Workshops, with a mission to spread the importance of gratitude in helping people establish more positive relationships with themselves and other people.

Through personalization and handcrafting, it gives gifting a greater personal touch and hence brings people more closely connected with their inner selves and those who matter. Science has also proven that gratitude has huge benefits on people in the areas of self-esteem, happiness, stress management and so much more! Smile from the heart, once again.

Partners/Clients: Carousell, Fave, Qiren, Flying Cape, AIC, EM Services, Würth Elektronik, NinetyNine States, Hustle, In The Brickyard, Little Wheel Werks, etc.