A meaningful day out

A meaningful day out

Dorjeh was offered a warehouse full of cardboard recently. And we decided to help reduce some of her work load.

It’s Sunday, 9 April 2017, and the sun was scorching. Packing a van full of cardboard over a few hours made us realize how much tiredness these elderly go through each day.

When we offered all of them to Mdm Wong, she looked at the weighing scale with so much gladness. 234kg of cardboard. We were as happy as she was!

Though it was all hot & dusty, the exhaustion was negligible as compared to what these elderly face every day.

Appreciate all helping hands Seetho Xueting Thaddeus Heng @MrYeo for the time & energy on such a scorching Sunday morning! Doing good can be so much fun 👍

We could make old age happier & less labourous for elderly like Mdm Wong. Your continual support & sharing with others can help us increase our range of resources to support them.


More photos here..

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